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Underneath You will find some of the horses for sale at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are looking for.
From most of the horses you find videos on my you tube channel "ratsumestarit". Some of them are "hidden", but ask for more links. At the moment we have a great selection international GP horses. Ask for more!

Updated 14.08.2018

KWPN stallion born 2015, 167 cm (groving) Grenoble (Bordeaux X Florencio) NEW!

Nice stallion with good movements. Good price!


KWPN gelding, born 2006, 172 cm NEW

Outstanding schoolmaster has just won CDI class. Very prave and good minded. Very good price now! Be quick!


Gelding, born 2014, 160 cm, NEW

Very nice small gelding with small money!



Mare born 2010, 170 cm, NEW!

Beautiful and prave mare out of amateur hands. Prepairing for PSG. Intersting in price


Mare, born 2010, 172 cm, NEW

Very talented mare has just ben starten education under a good rider. Stiöll very interesting in price. Be quick!


German gelding,  born 2013, Florestan X Jazz

Very talented and impressive young prospect has been wiining all classes with over 70 %. Knows half passes, working piruets, flying changes ets.




flying changes:


German gelding, born 2009, 174 cm NEW VIDEO!

This very nice schoolmaster is super easy and light to ride and sit. he is a quick learner


and know almos all GP elements. Has competed in PSG- level. Interesting in price!




Gelding, born 2011, 170 cm, NEW!

Nice gelding is in thrid level at the moment. Clean flying changes.